You might already have seen many incredible pumpkin carving from Deane Arnold. Due to actual size, pumpkin is a big enough canvas for a skillful sculptor to show off their creativity. While compared with pumpkin, potatoes and carrots are fairly smaller in size. And especially carrots, due to its shape, there are quite limitation in sculpting.

But all these are not problems for Deane Arnold. Pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, even peas get sculpted into incredible characters. Pumpkin carvings are amazing, but this time, we will show you what Arnold can do for these potatoes and carrots. Smartly using their shapes and imperfections, these vegetables start to have “soul” under Arnold’s carving utensils.

These are truly incredible creations! Check the below pictures to find our how many personalities Arnold can give to the potatoes and carrots. And you can head over to his Instagram to see more amazing works.

Potatoes Carving

Carrots Carving

Sweet Potatoes

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