Roses are the favorite flowers for the majority of the population. They are not just the favorite gift and a way to make someone’s day, but the absolute sweethearts for every garden. Their elegant blooms and passionate fragrance are the reason why the roses have a special place in everyone’s heart. They can be of different colors and species which can be quite a nightmare even for the most experienced gardeners. There are numerous rose species that you can plant and make your garden be the rose heaven. Here are just some suggestions for the roses you can put in your garden.

Rose David Austin (English Rose)

Even though they are not treated as separate groups, English roses are amongst the most popular choices for personal gardens. These are known for their immense beauty and will make your home garden look like the rose gardens of Sacramento. These roses are more resistant than modern roses. English rose offers a wide color range and intensive fragrance. David Austin roses are named after the breeder of this rose. This species of roses are known for their full-petaled flowers and repeated blooming.


This species of roses are one of the most attractive. They are characterized by their ability to climb and they can grow very tall so that some kind of support is mandatory. You can make the support on the corner of your home so that it makes your home appear as a part of the fairytale. Climbers are the romantic vining type and unlike any other type of vining species, they need sturdy support and you can train them to grow along some surfaces like fences. One of the landscape design ideas is to train them to grow around the square so that the natural rose house is created. These roses are amazing because of their full-bloom flowers, thick petals, and passionate fragrances.

Shrub Roses

These are an amazing choice for some bigger landscapes. These shrubs can grow pretty big and they are full of full-bloom flowers. This is particularly because these flowers are quite big and the petals are thickly arranged. There is a whole scope of colors and fragrances. Shrub roses are very interesting because they can be hybrid and there can be more than one color within a shrub. You can also plant these shrubs in the center of the other flowers you have in your garden so that they can complement each other and create a unique color scheme and palette unlike any other. You need to prune these shrubs to make them bloom better.

Hybrid Tea

These hybrid roses are the first modern hybrids and they were introduced in 1867. Hybrid Tea rose is a cross between tea roses and hybrid perpetual. This type of rose has a whole range of different blooms, has a very intensive fragrance, is multi-colored, and is grown from a single stem. Hybrid tea roses are amongst the favorites for florists, gardeners, and rose exhibitors. This rose species is quite durable and resistant to any pests and diseases. These can be planted anywhere in your garden and will make it a better place to be. Hybrid roses, if groomed properly, will last for a very long period.


These are a bit taller rose shrubs and are the cross between hybrid teas and floribundas. Grandiflora are the shrubs organized in clusters of five to seven roses. There can be multiple clusters within a shrub growing from a single stem. If you plant these in a mixed border, like hedging, you will make a striking focal point in your garden. The blooms of this species will leave you out of breath. Here is the whole range of different colors, and the fragrance of them will fill the entire blooming season.


This is the absolute classic in the world of roses. They are known as the most common roses planted in the gardens. Floribundas are a bit smaller than any regular rose size and are the cross between polyanthus and hybrid teas. These roses have the color palette of the hybrid teas but are slightly smaller than them. These can be planted anywhere in your garden, but the most suitable place for them is the edgings and borders.

Roses are the absolute favorites amongst the flowers and it explains the fact of them being the most common flowers in the gardens. They are full of different fragrances and will be the most beautiful ornament of your garden and will fill the space with passion the entire season.

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