A home that smells great will make it a desirable place to live. Many of our memories consist of scents, and we may not even realize it until a familiar one – no matter whether it’s cinnamon sticks or freshly picked blackberries – recollects some of our childhood memories.

There are many ways to make your house smell good and keep it totally odor-free, but not all of them are practical. Indeed, the smell of freshly baked goods can blow away all the possible bad smells, but it is also quite time-consuming.

How about some new healthy habits that require just a little (or none at all) of your time and effort but will fill your rooms with a natural fresh scent?

Let Fresh Air In

Nothing can make your house smell great, like bringing in some fresh air. The primary habit you should implement in your housekeeping routine is to open windows to air out the rooms every morning and once you get back home, despite the weather outside.

Air control in your living space has a direct impact on your well-being, so let it be a simple but serious thing to take care of. If you consider improving air quality and getting rid of musty room smell, you can find some tips at homeairguides.com on how to get rid of dust from the air.

DIY Your Cleaners

Regular cleaning makes a huge difference to the house’s overall smell; it is a fact. Garbage disposal, leftovers in the fridge (that needs to be regularly cleaned too!), stained upholstery, dusty carpet, dirty pet beds, moldy bathroom corners – all of them and some more little things can cause bad odors and make your place pong!.

To make your house smell good and freshly cleaned for a longer period, you should choose the right cleaners. DIY cleaners are a great and cheaper alternative to store-bought ones that are often believed to provoke allergies.

Based on baking soda, white vinegar, water, and essential oils, you can easily make chemical-free multipurpose cleaners, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, or room sprays that will smell amazing! For example, you will only need to mix in a spray bottle a few drops of your favorite essential oil with distilled water and a tablespoon of baking soda to get a deodorizing room spray.

Let Your Bed Breathe

Our bodies lose many fluids absorbed by the linen and mattress throughout the night, creating an unpleasant scent. Also, excess moisture provokes dust mites that are living between the sheets to feast and survive. High humidity levels may also disrupt your sleep, so it is recommended to allow your bed to air out for at least an hour or two after waking up.

Who would have thought that an actual healthy habit would be leaving your bed undone instead of making it every morning the second you get out of it? If you do not have time on weekdays to wait for your bed to breathe, you can strip the duvet off to leave the bottom sheet open.

Make sure to clean musty pillows regularly as well. Additionally, once a week, it would also help open all the drawers and cabinets to air them out and prevent the unpleasant smell of mustiness.

Try Diffuser Sticks

The diffuser sticks’ main advantage over many other devices designed to fill the house with pleasant smells is that it does not need to be monitored. You do not have to light or extinguish them. All you need to do is adjust the intensity of the fragrance.

The scent’s intensity depends on the number of sticks used: the more of them, the more pungent the smell will be. If the fragrance is too strong, you can remove a few sticks, and if it seems weak even after installing all of them – you just need to turn them over.

They are very cost-effective, as a single set will last about three months. You can have several of them placed in different rooms to create a unified atmosphere throughout the house and change its leitmotif every season. They are also much safer than candles if you have kids or pets.

Don’t Forget the Laundry!

The smell of fresh laundry is so satisfying that you can now easily find an air freshener or a room spray with that scent! But, it is not the best way to make your home smell good. This one will take a little more effort.

First of all, if you do not have the habit of cleaning your washer regularly alongside leaving its door unlatched, it will probably build-up residues, limescale, and stinky odors. Therefore, it is unlikely you will get your laundry smelling as fresh as it could be. To fix this, implement regular cleaning with special cleaners suitable for the type of washing machine you have.

Secondly, you can start using scented fabric softeners, but keep in mind not to overdo it, as some fragrances may cause an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic ones will also do their job as well as bring an authentic, fresh smell to your clothes.


The way your house smells has undoubtedly a lot to say about your living habits, and the latter can be really helpful in keeping it smelling good.

Bad smells always have their sources, even if you cannot see them. The first thing to do is to identify them and deal with them. Ensure you remember to clean all the abandoned corners of your home regularly too.

Consistency, essential oils, and natural cleaners are your faithful companions when fighting undesirable odors and creating a fresh-smelling home.

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