Ultra modern or just clinical?

I came across this stunning chair from Amode but I can’t quite work out if it screams ultra modern, or simply reminds me of my last visit to the dentist?

I love the crisp clean fabric which would freshen up any room that needs a little. White clinical furnishings seem very 2011 and featuring trends focus on ‘organic’, ‘transforming perspectives’ and ‘re-balancing’. I guess the aim is marrying design with nature; people are searching for meaningful pieces that evoke a natural, calming environment in their homes. Materials are organic, with sheepskin wool and thick knits coming through to add a sense of luxury. Warm browns, ruby reds and terracotta are key colors for the season, evoking pastoral sanctuaries and retreats. Design is free flowing and unrestricted creating a sense of natural design.

Ultra modern or just clinical?

And here are some similar designs from Amode, you can find more contemporary furniture there.
Ultra modern or just clinical?

Ultra modern or just clinical?

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  1. sasha says:

    The chairs have a good flow. Nice collection.

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