It is hard to say the work by Casey McCafferty is furniture or a piece of art. Casey McCafferty’s creations seem to belong in both a gallery and a getaway cabin. His work exhibits traditional techniques mixed with a unique style of experimentation, reflecting natural surroundings and the boundaries that exist between craftsmanship, art and technique.

Unlike other sculptor who used to sketch or diagram before actual work. McCafferty said “All of my work starts from chunks of material and is hand-carved. I’m a firm believer in direct carving, I don’t like to make accurate sketches or diagrams for my sculptural practice. I usually think about stories I have read or the world around me and let it come out in wood, I rarely know what the finished form will look like till I am 75% through with the work. ”

Below are some works from McCafferty’s Transcendence collection which is currently displayed at The Future Perfect through September 2022. And you can see more McCafferty’s unique sculptural furniture on his Instagram.

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