Among many small apartment designs which we featured on the site, I won’t say this is the most impressive one. And honestly, I am even feel a bit weird about the design like open bathroom.

This seven-story old residential building is located downtown Shanghai. The renovation is for a studio apartment less than 40 square meters uppermost. Besides the limited footage, the apartment is very long and narrow. According to the original route, it takes 11 to 12 seconds to walk from gate to balcony, which makes it even harder to design. The long and narrow floor plan posed certain restrictions and didn’t leave a lot of options but the design is nevertheless unusual to say the least.

Because the spaces are displayed in order and flow into one another, the designers wanted to combine them all and to make the apartment feel like a single multifunctional space with different areas and functions scattered around. The different areas are delineated through contrasting materials, furniture pieces and the occasional glass panel which becomes a barrier but doesn’t block the view. This allow the light to travel freely from one end of the apartment to the other. That is the reason for the glass panel around the bathtub and shower room. Moreover, common furniture like sofa, chair, bed are not used. Instead, a lifted platform is used for bed and a sitting area.

Such a design is not for everyone but if the owner likes it. It does make the most of the space that was available.

Architects: Atelier Mearc
h/t: archdaily

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