Monsieur Plant unveils a series of sneakers made solely out of natural materials and plant cuttings. The artist rediscovers the beauty in the natural environment in this series. The shoes carved out of plant-based natural materials harvested in the heart of the Breton countryside in France, step straight out of a magical universe.

‘Indeed, fungi fulfill essential ecological roles in natural ecosystems, without them, trees and plants would quickly die, suffocated by their own waste’. Inspired and amazed, Christophe Guinet winks at this fantastic universe with the quirky ‘Mushroom Party’ series, consisting of five fully vegetated sneakers with plants harvested in the forest such as bark, moss, autumn leaves, and mushrooms.

The composed pop-favorite shoes use botanical life to speak on the theme regarding the cycle of life of everyday objects. Every facet of the shoes but the laces is made out of natural materials harvested in the countryside. And real mushrooms grow out of the sculpted sneakers.

h/t: designboom

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