While most of us will be all too familiar with the comings and goings of fitness trends, vibration technology is one development that is very much here to stay. With more scientific evidence to suggest that what we do in our post-workout recovery time is just as important as what we do during the session, vibration muscle recovery equipment has transformed the fitness world. It is now easier than ever before for fitness fanatics to enjoy the benefits of massage in the comfort of their own home- which is pretty handy considering how much time we’ve spent at home in 2020.

Here you will learn what vibration technology is, how long it has been around, and also what products are available to you and how you can reap the benefits by including them regularly in your own muscle recovery routine.

What is vibration technology in muscle recovery?

Many people don’t realise how long vibration technology has been around for and are surprised to learn that it can be dated back to the early 1800s when vibration was often used for medical or spiritual purposes. While it has been developed and revolutionised by fitness technology in recent years, the science behind how and why it works so well when it comes to training and recovery isn’t a new paradigm.

Huge amounts of scientific study have found that vibration technology utilises targeted pulses of vibrations to work on muscles by helping them to recover and grow stronger for the future. There are different variations and levels of intensities, from whole body vibrations to local body vibrations.

It is largely accepted across the health and fitness sphere that local body vibrations are more effective, as it provides the opportunity to target specific muscles and areas. This is reflected in the innovative products that are now on the market. In comparison, research has found that the impact is lessened in whole body vibrations as other tissues are affected on route to the target muscle.

Vibration technology is so effective as it sends vibrations deep into your muscles to soften the tissue, increase blood flow, and ease inflammation. Remember that oxygenated muscles are healthy muscles which will grow, develop, and become stronger.

What products are available?

The technological advances in vibration therapy has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with more products now being developed, each more innovative than the last. For example, the traditional foam roller has been revolutionised by vibration technology to offer even more benefits than before. By simply resting the muscle you want to target on the vibrating foam roller, the product does all the hard work for you, but you still reap all the muscle health benefits.

You can also get lightweight and portable handheld products that are perfect for myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. For example, the vibrating peanut ball is an innovative shape that is small enough to fit perfectly around your muscles, while still deeply targeting the area. This is a very popular product for runners as it fits perfectly through the arches of your feet to ease pain and discomfort.

Are they suitable for everyone?

One of the biggest developments that has come from the advancement of vibration technology in muscle recovery equipment, is that it is now accessible to all people at every level of fitness. Long gone are the days of vibration technology only being available in the form of vibration plates to help burning calories and the stretching process. They are also no longer only made available to medical professionals and athletes. Instead, through the development of affordable products with practical designs, they are now easy for everyone to use. Products such as the massage gun and the single ball are made specifically to make it easier to maintain a firm grip and precise application, no matter what muscle you are targeting.

With the progression that vibration technology has been made in recent years, muscle recovery has become even easier for all gym enthusiasts to add to their fitness regime and to help boost their muscle recovery and overall health, without leaving the house or costing a fortune.

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