We don’t always get the nutrition we need. In fact, it’s questionable what the nutrient content is in what we think is nutritious or even if they’re GMO and pesticide free. That’s why it’s always best to grow your own food. However, this is definitely not easier for city dwellers who lives in apartments to have their own home garden.

With the Grow ‘n Serve Microgreens Kit (amazon), you get everything you need. And the best part is, you can grow them just on your window. Window Garden products utilize the sun’s natural energy beaming through your window for growing plants.

The microgreens kit includes compressed Fiber Soil, Non GMO Zesty Radish Microgreen Seeds and a 150 ml sprayer. And it is super easy to grow. Simply hydrate the compressed soil, spread it in the tray along with the seed and keep it moist. In less than 10 days you’ve got greens! It should also be noted that microgreens are up to 40 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts!

Lastly, this window system allows you grow nutritious mini veggies year round near a window or on a countertop with just some room lighting. Or even better, you can purchase their Window Garden Double Veg Ledge Suction Cup Shelf (amazon) to free up your countertop and fully utilize your window.

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