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Whale Shaped Kujira Carbon Steel Knives for Small Hands

Designed by blacksmith Toru Yamashita in Japan’s Kochi-prefecture, these whale shaped knifes designed to compliment your daily desk needs with enough style to keep you dangerously well-prepared. In form of five different whales shape,...


17 Octopus Inspired Household Designs

Most people has mixed feeling of octopus, the creature which has fascinated and inspired mankind since we first explored the oceans. With its eight writhing tentacles and otherworldly appearance, there are so many myths...


Cute Handcrafted Wooden Animal Tissue Box

Do you want some cute animal to hold your tissue? Take a look at those lovely handcrafted wooden tissue box we found on shopSparklyPony. Dinosaur, elephant, whale and rabbit, they will be there for...