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Funny Traffic Light!

My friends sent me those four funny traffic lights photos today…. I never saw this kind of traffic lights in my life… not sure is that real or photoshopped…. But they are pretty amusing…and...


Something Weird about the use of Bone Ash

I am never doubt some people’s imagination and  creativity. They can create or make lots of unbelievable things from some materials I never thought can be used in that way. Today’s topic is one...


10 Weird Looking Animal in the world

Attention please, the animal presented in this blog is not created in sci-fiction movie. They are actually living on our planet. Don’t make a fuss when you see them in your life, em, if...


Bleeding Billboard! Does that really work?

The first heavy rains after summer bring the highest death toll on New Zealand roads. To alert people to the dangers of driving in the wet, Colenso BBDO Auckland created billboards that bled every...


Hidden Face in Advertisement Design

I once wrote a post about the hidden faces in our life, today, I am going to say something about hidden faces in ads design. First set is from Club Med,  a French corporation...


Can Spiders Smile? Yes, they can!

What is this? First, it is not Photoshoped image. And second, it is real creator…. Theridion grallator, also known as the “happy face spider, found only on the islands of Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and...


Unusual and Creepy Shoes Design

I love shoes and like to buy different shoes… However, I am pretty sure, I don’t want to wear any shoes presented below…. They are just too cool to me. lol Animal Series Shoes...


Transparent Animal

Today’s topic – Transparent Animal. Some of them we are familiar with, like Jellyfish. While some of them, are really weird to me, like the “Glass Frog” “Spookfish”.


Colorful Frog – Poison Frog

Frog is an amphibian, characterized by long hind legs, a short body, webbed digits (fingers or toes), protruding eyes and the absence of a tail. The distribution of frogs ranges from tropic to subarctic...


Strange Trees

em… Don’t know how to describe the pictures. Those trees are really weird, or freaking. Some of them even have human face. Not sure it is fake or real, share with you guys.