Motivation level of your employees plays a very big role in the productivity levels of your employees. But if you are thinking that only their salaries have a role to play, think again.Salary is definitely a factor but that’s not all. There are a lot of other things that contribute and one of the most important ones is the work environment.

Have you seen any big name, for instance, Facebook’s office with dull furniture and gloomy wall colors? No. There is a reason behind it. Dull colors and an unpleasant environment affect a person’s productivity negatively.

Similarly, things other than salary also play a role in a person’s productivity and motivation. Today, we will discuss one such element that also affects your employee’s state of mind and that is your office furniture. It might not seem important in the beginning but by the end of this think piece, you will understand how important it for your business.

1. Effects energy levels

A professional setting like an office would probably witness their employees working for around 7-8 hours every day. You want these 7-8 hours of their day, with peak energy levels, highly motivated.

But if you have created the environment with exhaustive furniture and dull colors, and still expect the same – you need to reconsider your furniture choices. Instead of being power-packed, your employees will be sluggish, disturbed, sleepy, and gloomy. Yes, all of this just because the furniture is not right.

So, what do I exactly mean by exhaustive furniture? For instance, bean bags, or a lot of sofas, or anything that makes you want to lie down can be defined as exhaustive. Even though new day businesses are offering as much comfort as possible in the office, it’s still not a wise decision.

Offices require passion and dedication, and a basic level of professionalism but this type of furniture will prevent that. So, try to add furniture with vibrant colors, bright and lively hues. What your employees see will directly affect reasoning, and such colors will lift up their mood up. Plus, studies have shown that it also reduces worries.

2. Keeping things convenient

Do not confuse quality furniture with furniture which isn’t easy to use, is frivolous or is way too complex. Understand that the entire idea behind having quality furniture is not only about the good looks but also about the efficiency in the organization.

Fancy and frivolous might make your office look one of a kind but is very inconvenient. Your employee list does not just include qualified personnel, but also unqualified and unskilled labor.

Thus, you must create an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient.

3. Clean and healthy environment

When it comes to cleanliness, it should be on the top of your checklist. There would be absolutely no point in having quality furniture if it is not clean.

No one wants to work in a dirty place. In fact, a clean environment can also replace poor-looking furniture.

Besides, there can be a few reasons as to why you cannot have quality furniture, for instance, have already purchased it or you cannot afford it. But cleanliness – there is no reason you cannot keep your workplace clean.

4. Sufficient sunlight

Office Interiors is best utilized when it is placed well. The furniture must be arranged in a way that it doesn’t block any of the windows and maximum sunlight and air can penetrate inside your office.

Simple health reasons explain why I am advocating for environmental elements. Quality sleep at night, increased productivity throughout the day, motivation to achieve the targets are just some benefits.

Remember, designing your office is extremely important but it is not just about good looks. Furniture has a big role to play in it for multiple reasons.

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