Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home, or you’re a long-term owner, your property should be the one place in the world that fills you with pride and joy. After a long and busy day at work, we all want to return to our homes knowing we can relax and unwind and have everything we need at our disposal.

Whether you live alone, with your spouse, or as a family unit, keeping your home in tip top condition is key to happiness. To help you create a safe haven that exudes calm, peace and tranquility, here are five things you need for a happy home.


Whether it’s homeowner’s insurance or home warranty coverage, there are lots of options that will keep you covered in the event of a home emergency. Fires, property crimes, and water damage can all occur when we least expect them to and have a devastating impact on your property, so finding the right coverage will add an extra layer of protection to your property and mean you are financially protected should disaster strike.

If you don’t have insurance and coverage in place, any repairs that need to made will fall on your shoulders and could prove incredibly expensive in the long run.

Working Appliances

The appliances you have in your home need to be up to date, functional, and serve their purpose. If you’re a long-term homeowner, you may have appliances like your washing machine or refrigerator that have seen better days. If you have noticed any leaks or strange sounds, this is a major cause for concern. If it’s cost effective to fix them, do so, otherwise it may be time to replace your appliances.

More and more homeowners are looking into energy efficient appliances that will not only help you do your bit in reducing your carbon footprint but will also save you money too. Whether it’s your dishwasher, freezer, or tumble dryer, you should look for Energy Star certified appliances that are eco-friendly and use less energy to run.

Good Relationship with Your Neighbors

The neighbors around you can have a huge impact on your quality of life. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, getting familiar with the locals, and creating connections can help you settle in. Strong relationships with your neighbors can come in handy should you go on vacation. If you’re away from home for a lengthy period, asking your neighbors to check in on your property will bring you peace of mind and ensure that you return back to your home as you left it.

If you live alone, you may feel isolated if you’re not near to your family and friends, so building a good rapport with your neighbors can help you feel more at home and boost your mindset. A friendly neighborhood dynamic will encourage you to get out of the house more often and help expand your social network.

Clutter Free Environment

Even if you live in a good neighborhood, if your home is full of clutter and junk, this can have a negative effect on your health. A cluttered space can increase anxiety and stress, impact your sleep, and hinder your focus and concentration. Clutter can also make you less productive. So, if you work from home or run a busy household, it’s vital that you create a clutter free environment.  It won’t only calm you, but it will help you find the things you need much more easily too!

While it can be hard to declutter your home and get rid of items you deem sentimental, the more space you free up in your property, the happier you will feel. It can be hard to know where to start if you have accumulated a lot of junk so taking things slow and doing one section at a time is advised.

Plenty of Natural Light

You may not realize it, but bringing more natural light into your home can do wonders for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Natural light not only boosts vitamin D levels, but it also decreases the production of harmful organisms and bacteria that grow in homes. Natural light is also fantastic for a healthy complexion and can stimulate your appetite and improve digestion.

To increase natural light in your property, you should add more mirrors, bring in new furniture, and add skylights. Natural light can also bring more positivity and energy into your home.

The neighborhood you’re in, the people you live with, and the amenities and facilities you have in your property can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy your home. There are lots of minor changes that you can do which will create a more welcoming atmosphere, boost your home’s curb appeal, and increase its resale value. We all want to live in a happy home, and following the advice above can boost your quality of living and keep you positive and upbeat.

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