Design by: boq architekti
Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, House for Dorothy was designed by boq architekti who were hired during the late stages of construction to design the interior for a family. The interior showcases concrete and wood as the materials of choice, which are topped off with playful details throughout.

The interior consists of exceptionally aesthetic, but at the same time perfectly functional elements. At first glance, you might be impressed with its mass floor to ceiling shelves and the relaxing lounge space besides the fireplace. What a perfect place for a book and a cup of hot tea. Quite nice, right? But there are more worth exploring in the room.

On the main floor, the open living space feels bright and open with surrounding windows and sliding glass doors that lead to the outdoor space.

The central living room features two white bookcases framing the staircase with space in the middle for a projection screen. When the screen is rolled up, the minimalist wooden staircase with glass railing stands out and cleverly disguises storage underneath.

A massive kitchen island allows plenty of space for food prep. A dropped ceiling above the island mirrors its shape and offers ambient light as it’s backlit.

The master bedroom has a semi-open ensuite behind the wall. It has the open flow but with the privacy that many open ensuite doesn’t have.

The furniture wall in the children’s room creates a “house within a house” for the little lady. The head of the bed is lined with a writable magnetic foil and thus represents a great creative space.

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