Sheets are an important part of your sleeping experience. Couples who desire autonomous control over the placement of their sheets to have a good night’s sleep should choose a split king adjustable base. Even though the split king has the same dimensions as a standard king-size bed, it is made up of two XL mattresses, requiring split king adjustable bed sheets.

Sure, you can learn everything there is to know about adjustable split king bed measurements, which mattress to put on your adjustable bed, and whether or not your adjustable bed is sturdy enough to meet your sleeping needs. But what about the sheets, which are an important but frequently overlooked element of a restful night’s sleep? You should never buy sheets solely for their appearance, so let’s look at how to pick the best ones for your split king adjustable bed.

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Why Go with Sheets for Adjustable Beds?

Sheets for adjustable beds are designed to be more stable and fit the mattress more securely. They normally have elastic around them or suspenders on the corners, which makes it simple to attach the sheets on an adjustable foundation. In addition, linens for adjustable beds are often thicker than sheets for ordinary beds. Because of the additional depth, the mattress underneath can move more freely, ensuring that your sheets don’t slip off. Of course, to king-size discover the ideal sheets for your adjustable bed, you must first determine the exact dimensions of the base and mattress and then look for sheets manufactured for adjustable beds that meet your bed’s proportions.

What Are the Different Types of Sheets for Split King Sheets and Their Advantages?

There are five types of split king adjustable bed sheets available today. If you’re seeking the best sheet for adjustable mattresses, each one has its own set of advantages to consider. Make sure to read the labeling to find out if the item is machine washable.

  1. Adjustable Split King Supima Cotton Sheets: In the instance of adjustable split king Supima cotton sheets, it is regarded as amongst the strongest and most comfortable cotton fibers on the market. Because the natural fabric lasts 35 percent longer than conventional cotton, you’ll have more lasting king-size sheets to use for your adjustable frame’s twin extra-long mattresses. It is breathable and long-lasting, which suggests you will be able to sleep better at night because these sheets are designed to promote restful slumber.
  2. Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets: For your split mattress, cotton split king adjustable sheets give wrinkle-free linens. The thread count might provide insight into the linen’s quality and suppleness. Furthermore, cotton makes your bed sheet breathable, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably.
  3. Adjustable Split King Microfiber Sheets: As the name indicates, microfiber sheets are made of finely woven threads. The term “thickness” or “denier” is used to describe the thickness of the fiber utilized. A greater denier indicates that the sheet is thicker. A sheet with a low denier is thinner. Microfiber sheets are a good choice for your mattress if you have a split style adjustable bed since they are soft, smooth, and sturdy. It is machine washable in the same manner as cotton sheets; however, it is susceptible to shrinkage on the first wash.
  4. Adjustable Split King Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Egyptian cotton sheets are often associated with outstanding and luxurious mattress sheets. There are various advantages to using this product. Because the fibers are formed of long filaments, there is no piling. Two, it has a greater thread count, indicating that the materials used to make your sheets are of higher quality. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton sheets are permeable, making them ideal for those who suffer from nocturnal sweats. Finally, these sheets are long-lasting, making them an excellent bedding investment.
  5. Adjustable Split King Tencel Sheets: If you need sheets for an adjustable bed, Tencel split king adjustable sheets are a good option because they are highly robust while remaining soft and silky. Because the fibers are manufactured from eucalyptus wood pulp rather than cotton, they have a higher strength. Tencel sheets are softer than cotton sheets, making them a wonderful choice for persons with sensitive skin. Another advantage of choosing this sort of sheet for XL mattresses, split queen mattresses, queen mattresses, or extra-long mattresses is that it can drain moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortable all night.

Split King Sheets versus King Sheets

A regular king-size sheet set measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long to accommodate a regular king-size bed. One fitted sheet that fits a normal mattress, along with one flat sheet and pillowcases, are included in king-size bed sheets.

Two twin-size mattresses are joined to produce a king-size bed in a split king bed. A normal twin mattress measures 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. Since the mattresses are separated, a split king sheet set is required to ensure the correct fit. Split king sheet sets include two fitted sheets for each twin-size mattress and a single flat sheet that spans both mattresses and pillowcases.

On an Adjustable Bed, Can I Use Regular Sheets?

You could, but then you’d have to battle with your sheets each time you moved your adjustable bed. Regular sheets are made for beds that stay flat, which is not the case with adjustable beds.

When using conventional sheets on an adjustable foundation, the sheets will wrinkle and bulk up in the middle and slip off at the corners, causing you to lose sleep. As a result, customized linens for adjustable beds are manufactured.


Split king beds are becoming a popular choice among mattress makers and people seeking a new mattress due to their versatility and many advantages. There are numerous advantages to having a split king bed, whether it’s normal or an adjustable one.

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