In these days, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us hyper-aware of the amount of common surfaces we touch on a daily basis, from door handles to the buttons in elevator. There are more and more products like Safety Mitt to prevent us touching public surface. Although the mitt is cute, personally I like the CleanTouch in this article more.

Washing hands are extremely important after touching shared surfaces but when you don’t have an immediate access to wash your hands, CleanTouch EDC can reduce the point-of-contact area and keep your hands clean! The key-like thing is machined from antimicrobial brass (researchers have discovered that copper can prevent antibiotic resistance in bacteria from spreading. ) to stop germ growth! Touchscreens, buttons, door handles, locks, ATM machines, you can use this little guy do a lot of things. It also comes with a retractable carabiner, quick release magnetic rings and 10pcs of stylus pen silicone tips.

Currently, this product is fundraising on kickstarter. Head over to its page to find more details.

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