Project name: A Desired HomeA Desired Home
Interior decoration design: Liang Architecture StudioLiang Architecture Studio
Location: Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China
Category: semi-detached villa
Area: 500 m2
Completion time: December 2019

This project is the transformation of a residence. Located in a busy city of China, and surrounded by high-rise, it is very hard to get the natural light. But the natural light is what the clients expect most for the home. It’s a luxury to have sunlight change, stay and move throughout the entire space. As approaching the project, the design team tried the best to bring in the “luxury” daylight. Hence, the designers added some windows in an orderly manner, which perfectly coordinate with the scales of those already existed. These new window openings bring ample natural light into the space, and enhance interaction between the inside and outside.

Stair is a big problem for a small house since in most case, it take a bit too much space. But in the one, an unusual stair is used which is folded in the half way, which means this unconventional stairs take half of the original size of a normal stair should be. There are also many interesting design elements in the place, miniature indoor garden is definitley one of them. With these little garden in the home, it is hard to differentiate the outside and inside.

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