Plufl, is a the dog-bed like napping bed for humans, designed by a pair of UBC economics students (Silverman and Kinoshita). This pairs have always been huge nap fanatics. As they said “Being full-time students, working on the side, with extracurriculars, napping is how we cope with a busy lifestyle.”

Inspired by the classic dog bed, the Plufl is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a space where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate. However, the Plufl is more than just a human-sized dog bed. Through many prototypes and iterations, the Plufl has involved with premium materials to deliver an experience like no other.

Its features include a thick pillow border for users to tuck their hands and feet into, an orthopedic memory foam that provides ample support, and a soft, luxurious faux fur that is calming to the touch. Its oval shape cradles you into a natural fetal sleeping position that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

It’s a relatively unique product on the market. It has distinct differences from anything similar, like a bean bag. With the borders allowing for limbs to be tucked in. Moreover, it mimics a weighted blanket in some ways.

The pair have set up a Kickstarter project and has been fully funded. As this pair claimed “We want to become a long-term nap company. The sleep industry is big but napping is not addressed; it’s not the same as sleeping. We want to be the center of the nap community!”

How you feel about this dog bed looking napping bed with the price tag around 400 USD?

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