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Magical Forest Themed Hand Sculpted Crystal Jewelry

As a big fan of crystal jewelry, I fell in love immediately with these stunning hand sculpted crystal jewelry. Themed with creation in magical forest, canopy tree with bonsai like twists, mushroom from wonderland...


Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Jewellery

Do you ever want to have your own dragon, just like Daenerys Targaryen in the ‘Game of Thrones”. And now, you can, sort of, with the fantastic design created by Aelia Petro, Ontario based...


Honeycomb Inspired Jewellery by WingedLion, Sweet Than Honey!

Crafted by designer Sergey Zhiboedov from North Carolina-based studio Winged Lion, below exquisite rings and necklaces feature sterling silver hexagonal patterns that are filled with natural citrine, a glassy yellow quartz that mimics the...