What will be after iPad?

When the iPad was unveiled in January, everyone could agree on one thing: it did look a lot like a big iPhone. Begeek.fr extends Apple’s consistent design to its logical conclusion in the company’s next two revolutionary devices.

Those mock-ups are so funny…(sorry… I always like to see people make fun of apple/mac). And apparently, someone shared my interest and extends the original idea from Begeek and add two more versions. iHDTV and iCoffin



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Make fun of ‘apple’ – Mac Vinyl Laptop Decal

I am not a mac person…. maybe, the only part I like about mac is its lighting “apple” logo…. It does look shining in the dark. Apparently, lots of people share this point as me, and try to add more fun to the logo, making it more eye-catching.

Snow’s Revenge

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s ……..?  It’s Snow’s turn and she’s on a mission.

Make fun of 'apple' - Mac Vinyl Laptop Decal

Squirrel and its nuts

Give this squirrel a home on your laptop. It playfully chomps down on your apple logo and forgets about it’s other nuts.

Make fun of 'apple' - Mac Vinyl Laptop Decal

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Ads War : Mac VS Pc

There is heated response about my last post about Ads War. Hence, I decided to continue digging in this area. And here is our today’s topic: the ads war between mac and pc.

The beginning word:

I have to say, I am pc. Even though I am working in designing field (actually, I am a flash developer), and seems most people working in this industry are crazy about mac. Just not me! (I love my decent Sony laptop, it is pretty, powerful and cheap.) I am not against people who like mac, just hate to hear someone said, “pc is so difficult to use, I even don’t know how to copy and paste”. And I heard that conversation more than once. That is really ridiculous to me.

The ads between mac and pc come trace back long time ago. And I am not going to list all their commercials. This poster is all about the latest round, initiated by Pc’s “laptop hunter” and responded by mac just yesterday.

I am pc – laptop hunter

1. laptop hunters $1500 – Lisa and Jackson get a SONY VAIO with just $1500 to spend.

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