Monthly Archive: April 2009


How Disney Recycle their Film Templates

Many classic Disney films contain almost identical animation sequences. It is said that Disney animators lightened their heavy work loads by recycling acetates from previous films, adding new details such as different faces, haircuts...


How Art School Promote Themselves

The most creative work we see are made by those who graduated from art/design schools or take some classes there. But how creative those school can be when they try to promote themselves. Ironically,...


Lovely Flower Dog

What’s flower dog ? Not dog eat flower, Not dog wear flower. It is the whole dog that made of flower. Check out those adorable flower dogs, my heart totally melt. image credit


Life Gadget Design 9

Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or silly designs will be presented here. Hope you enjoy. :) The ‘smart’ SmartFaucet by iHouse [link] Using a facial screening...


Interesting Sign Language

There are lots of signs used in our daily life, traffic sign, instruction sign, commercial sign. However, if a sign is not well designed or in the wrong placement, it might cause confusion and...


Mysterious Crop Circles

Crop circles are patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed, rye, corn, linseed and soy. The term was first used by researcher Colin Andrews to describe simple circles he...


Oh, the vase is blown away…

The awesome designers from Front digitized a Royal Delft vase and gave it new parameters for the material. It was exposed to a simulated gust of wind. And I’m totally blown away.


Carpet Art – creative and beautiful

It is said “Used carpet and rugs generate around 2.6 million tons of waste per year”. But what an old carpet , worn rugs or outdated carpet samples can do? Only end up in...


Recycled Art

Today is “Earth Day”, so we go on some “Green Topic” – Recycled Art. When I talk about recycled art, I am not going that extreme like artist Nick Demarco from California College, to...


Ads War : Mac VS Pc

There is heated response about my last post about Ads War. Hence, I decided to continue digging in this area. And here is our today’s topic: the ads war between mac and pc. The...


Life Gadget Design 8

Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or even silly designs will be presented here. Keyboard Armchair [link] Designer Dante Bonuccelli and Lamm have created a unique armchair...