Monthly Archive: July 2009


Let’s noodling – Celebrities Noodle Art

A group of pals have sparked a worldwide craze of ‘noodling’ – doodling celebrities, such as Amy Winehouse, using Super Noodles and Simon Cowell‘s noodle incarnation.


Smart Wide Lens Advertisement Design

How to show your power wide lens feature? Omax Lens came up with a smart idea to convince us how powerful the lens is. The campaign name is “Mysterious coincidences “Unnoticeable wide lens photo...


Talented Musical Mice – Way Too Cute

Today, let’s meet two talent mice belonging to Roosendaal who have been trained by their owner to hold tiny instruments in their paws. Single Ellen, from Roosendaal, Holland, revealed her pair of rodents are...


Innovative Compact Design

The two things that I see common regarding perception of futuristic technology is that products are going to be compact and well integrated. In this post, I am to present you with some Innovative...


Bizarre Britain Hill Figure

A hill figure (chalk figure) is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology. It is a type of image usually designed to be seen from...


Shoes Art – In the name of ART?

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe , began his career as a painter and he wanted to widen his abilities as an artist and approach art from a brand new prospective. His quest took him...


Super Funny Dancing Animals

I know some animals can make dancing movement when they are trained, like the bear or dog in circus. While the photos with dancing-like animals presented in this post were accidentally captured by people....


Illusion-When Pink Rules The World

There is a routine in my company called “Pink Thursday”. It means everyone should wear something pink on that day. It is kind of interesting, however, let’s imagine how the world will look like...


Incredible Leaf Art

In this post, I am to introduce you another art form – leaf Art. Leaf art is done on dry leaves such as Peepal leaves or banayan tree leaves. I classified the leaf art...


Welcome to Mini Tiny Animal Kingdom

I know some animal are born small and some are only tiny when they are baby. However, I never know they are that mini. Some of them are really tiny, just around the finger...


How Transparent Toilet Works?

I have been told about the transparent toilet long time ago. Not have a chance to use it and even not know how is that working. Most time I saw on the internet is...