If you are a bike-enthusiast, you must know a thing or two about various handlebars. But, if you are a complete novice, you might not be well aware of the types and how beneficial each of them is for a particular group of people. Bikers who love to explore the wild and go on for off-roading and aggressive biking prefer bullhorn handlebars known for their stability and speed. As every riding experience majorly depends on the bike parts, you might want to invest in something that is appropriate and delivers excellent performance. (Like Read more at : 5Cycling)

What are Bullhorn Handlebars?

Bullhorn handlebars are bike bars constructed in a way that curves ups and forward. It is different from a straight handlebar, and it offers a light-weight solution for comfort and stability while riding the bike. When traversing through rough areas, the bullhorn handlebar offers immense stability and flexibility, making the ride smoother for a great experience.

What do Bullhorn Handlebars have to offer?

Bullhorn Handlebars are generally preferred for more aggressive riding as it has a 40mm drop, which ensures a comfortable forward riding experience. These horns are available at a very reasonable price, so you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a more steady ride. It offers a great ride on both rough patches as well as on the paved roads, so your investment doesn’t go in vain.

The bullhorn bars curve up and forward, making the bike more appealing and giving it a more athletic look. Moreover, they offer you a feeling of steady control over your bike for a more aerodynamic riding with high-speed.

They are most common because they provide perfect hand positioning without installing road bike brakes. These handles make cycling faster and decrease wind drag.

Advantages of Bullhorn Bars

1. Amazing aerodynamics:

The bullhorn bars are constructed in a way to provide you more room to bend while riding. Flat bars allow you to get lower when you are speeding against the direction of the wind. This feature is highly beneficial and makes sure that you move at a much faster pace against the wind drag and don’t have to put in much effort in pedaling.

2. Excellent for Climbing:

Bullhorn handlebars are the best options when mountain climbing or riding off the road. The flat bars offer more area to move forward while you are climbing a steep hill.  While the bullhorns not only offer you room but also offer you the best possible leverage when moving forward. They enable more power exertion when pedaling with lesser effort.

3. Offers more speed:

Pursuit bars, a type of bullhorn bars, are known majorly for offering the perfect speed, which enables the rider for power-packed riding experience. The come with a drop allows you to get a deeper tuck than the typical bullhorn bars. This feature improves the rider’s speed and also offers better leverage while riding.

4. Durable and Sturdy

Bullhorn bars offer a more steady riding experience and are highly durable. They offer more control to the rider. Moreover, these bars are made of aluminum, which means they are light-weight and rust-resistant.

5. Affordable:

As we mentioned earlier as well, these bullhorn bars are very affordable as the prices are set at a reasonable range. They offer more benefits than what they ask in exchange as the price.

6. Appeal:

One of the unbeatable advantages of bullhorn bars is the overall look and appeal. They look very cool, edgy, stylish, and sassy.

Which type of riding is suitable for Bullhorn Handlebars?

Bullhorn handlebars are more suitable for road bikes meant to do more aggressive and off-road riding. These road bikes are meant for faster and longer cycling experience; hence these handlebars are most appropriate for such bikes as they will support your backs in the best way. This feature is not present when using flat bars as they offer no support to your back while riding.

The bullhorn handlebars usually transfer the rider’s body weight to the handlebar, relieving the back’s constant pressure. Hence, the ride becomes more swift, comfortable, and faster.

To conclude

Bike riding is a huge trend these days. It is the perfect way to spend one’s leisure time, do some strenuous activity, and get some fresh air while you’re at it. But to get the best riding experience, you must have the perfect handlebars. Bullhorn handlebars best accompany off-road biking as it offers three positions to hold the handlebar. So, go on, get the best bullhorn handlebar, and head for the best riding experience of your life.

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