AI graphics is a popular topics tehse days. Many artists shared their creation using AI technology. We have featured some of these Amai zing work, you can view it here and here.

Today, we will show you more from this category. Here, we featured some great work from designer Paul Parsons who created these Marvel X Nike football sneakers with the help of MidJourney’s AI. Treading a fine line between being sporty footwear and an homage to a comic-book character, these football boots look exceptional on their own.

The series spans 9 different footwear models, dedicated to distinct characters from the Avengers movie and Wolverine such as Ironman, spideman, Thor and Loki. Wonder how these Marvel characters inspired shoes look like in Parsons’ eyes? Keep scrolling down. I bet, even if you’re not a Marvel fan, these AI sneakers will surely grab your attention!

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