Author: Vivian


Christmas Background Texture

Toady, I am providing you with some free Christmas Background Texture. They are pretty nice, You can use them for card, banner or whatever you want to make it more Christmas. I put all...


Christmas Card Background, Icons and Snowman

Today, I am presenting two Christmas Related Designs. One is a set of Simple style Christmas Icon. They are in traditional Christmas Color, red and green, including Santa, candle, Turkey, gift box, snow man,...


51 Creative Name Card Design

Name card as an important part of company’s CIS (Company Identity Sytem) might be the first impression people have to its belonging company. Hence, company pay lots attention to design an attractive name card...


Christmas Card Background Design

Recently, company want to design some Christmas Card for client and email…So, I am designing a bunch of Christmas Related background. Trees, Balls, Stars, all in xmas. I will present some of them which...


Reflection Photography — Beautiful Reflective World

Sometimes, you will find reflection is pretty annoying, while if you can make use of it, some amazing effect and stunning pictures can be achieved. Reflective surface like water, rain, windows, mirrors and even...


Christmas Icons — Santa and Ginger Bread

In this poster, you will find 5 Santa Icons with different gesture and 22 ginger bread style icons. All of them are in 128×128 png format. So, enjoy your Christmas Sweet and Waiting for...


Christmas Theme 16 Common Social Icons

Today, I will present you with 16 commonly used social icons dressed with “Christmas Hat” ^_^. They are all in png format with transparent background in 128×128 dimension


FREE Christmas Theme Icon

Continue our Christmas topic (see your last topic, Christmas RSS icon ), today I will present you with more icons in Christmas style. You can find large version by click the icon. A set...


Beautiful Macro Photography Shots – Insect

How many times you see those fly, bee, dragonfly, mantis, ladybug, and some unnamed insect flying around. Do you ever look close to them? How they look like when they are eating, flying, resting...


RSS Icon in Christmas Style

Christmas is approaching; how about also dressing up your website in Xmas? I am going to provide you some icons in Christmas s Style. Feel free to use them.^_^ Here are 11 Christmas RSS...


Fascinating X-Ray Photography

X-rays (wiki) are primarily used for diagnostic radiography and crystallography. As a result, the term “X-ray” is metonymically used to refer to a radiographic image produced using this method, in addition to the method...