If young users are interested in the knowledge of algorithms in TikTok, then this article is for them. What is unusual hiding in the TikTok? People here are gaining popularity because of their short videos on any subject, but what is it about their format? The main highlight is the effects or as they are called — masks. It is difficult to find popular videos that do not involve effects, as this feature makes pictures more colorful and unusual. There are a lot of masks in the social network itself, but you can also select a mask from another directory that will be different in the VJump. To set up the app follow the website vjump.com. But where do we find these effects?

Ways of searching

If you decide to be trendy, you need to constantly follow the novelties, the masks on the TikTok are no exception. This social network has already collected a huge number of masks, but where to find them?

  1. Through the video in the tape. You are flipping through the video in your recommendations and came across a very beautiful effect in the video. To add or use this mask you just need to click on its icon from the left below and it will show up in your gallery. Also after clicking on this button you will see videos that are taken from this effect. Here you can find inspiration for your future videos.
  2. Go to the app and go to the «+» icon on the home screen, as a result, you will have a library of all the filters with different themes, where you can choose a suitable mask.
  3. Selected section. To do this, simply go to the «I» section, then push on the tab, and there in the effects section, you can select the masks you once liked.
  4. Through the section «interesting» you can also find a mask, but there you will need to try to remember its full name.

Features of using

The advantage of masks is that they are very easy to use and you have a huge selection of effects that are suitable for everyone. Don’t forget that some masks can be interactive and you will see the recommendations in the form of instructions for their use, so be careful before you start shooting your new video. In the VJump app, you can find even more interesting masks with different features that will help you make a new viral video.

Share your life in good quality visual

As you can see, it is not enough to make a video. Your creativity is definitely important, but effects should be a must-have. The world rates your life by the picture you allow it to see. So, what are you waiting for? Share the most quality content you can and express the perfection of your life. It is not enough just to say. We receive most of the information through our eyes, so it is highly significant to present excellent visuals. Attract others by your skills.

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