Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

Today, modern Formula One racing has a new member, ane edible racing car, which was baked by Culinary Executive Chef from the Royal Plaza On Scotts in Singapore with his team consisting of six chefs, two artists, two technicians, two culinary staff members and five young volunteers from Metta Welfare Association.

Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

According to, there are a thousand individual loaves and 22 different types of bread in the life-size F1 car. Let’s check the ingredients: 33 Lbs yeast, 4.7 gallons water, 2.2 Lbs salt, squid ink, soy beans etc; then bake 1,000 loaves and 22 varieties of bread. Assemble and coat with 3 gallons of food varnish.

Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

Have a close-up…Look like so delicious. lol

Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

Life-Size Bread F1 Car-Delicious

[via Autoblog & jalopnik]

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