Art director and artist Peter Szucsy has been working in the video games industry for around 25 years. His job is to create various creatures, monsters in the virtual world. Digital art is great, but a few years ago, Szuscy started to create something different and real. So he left his computer and made lots of his ideas come alive in the real world.

Steampunk spiders are the try-out result, which are made of parts of vintage watches, cameras, and medical equipment. To find the material he needs, the artist visits a flea market near his home each week. Then in his studio, he parses the found metals and meticulously crafts the articulate eight-legged creatures.

Besides spiders, Szucsy also create a cool Steampunk crab. He also mentioned he wanted to make dragonflies and praying mantises as well. If you like his Steampunk work, you can follow him on Instagram.

h/t: thisiscolossal

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