Meet the XOX Chair, a masterpiece by Xingcheng Zhu that transcends conventions, blending natural materials with environmental consciousness. This chair seamlessly marries modern allure with a touch of nature, embodying the evolving ethos of design.

The XOX Chair invites us to explore the interplay of contrasts shaping our world: the organic meets the crafted, the enduring blends with the ephemeral, and the tactile harmonizes with the visual. Beyond its aesthetic charm, it narrates a tale of care and consciousness. Featuring wooden X-shaped supports cradling an O-shaped seat, it’s a symphony of design reminiscent of branches reaching for the sky.

The name “XOX” carries warmth, reimagined by Zhu as an intersection of geometry and emotion. The dual X’s and the encircling O symbolize connection, intertwining human experience with the material realm.

This chair defies norms, departing from flat surfaces to embrace the spherical—a rarity in conventional design. The hollowed-out sphere draws inspiration from nature, offering an embrace satisfying the human yearning for comfort.

Zhu combines wood’s beauty with recycled PET plastics’ innovation. Wooden legs ground the chair, bringing the forest into contemporary spaces, while the transparent PET seat showcases modern materials’ potential, creating a dialogue of balance and coexistence.

Beyond its simplicity, the XOX Chair channels Zen, valuing space and light. Zhu’s sustainability commitment extends beyond materials, permeating the design process with a focus on user experience.

The XOX Chair fuses aesthetics and ethics, marrying nature’s curves with modern lines. It stands as a beacon of sustainable design, proving that daily-use objects can be environmentally conscious without sacrificing appeal. This piece encourages a reassessment of our relationship with surrounding objects, urging a shift towards a future where design and sustainability seamlessly intertwine into daily life.

h/t: designboom

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