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Incredible Pencil Sculptures

Creative artists always try to make something new from normal materials. I once wrote about a blog abou “Shoe Sclupture” from Federico Uribe. Today I am to present you with some Incredible Pencil Sculptures.


Awesome Looking Clouds

Clouds are probably the most fascinating and beautiful of all weather phenomena. While there are a wide variety of cloud shapes and sizes, they are all made of the same thing: mass of droplets...


Something Weird about the use of Bone Ash

I am never doubt some people’s imagination and  creativity. They can create or make lots of unbelievable things from some materials I never thought can be used in that way. Today’s topic is one...


10 Weird Looking Animal in the world

Attention please, the animal presented in this blog is not created in sci-fiction movie. They are actually living on our planet. Don’t make a fuss when you see them in your life, em, if...


The Most Bizarre Wallet Design

In the blog, I will present you with the bizarre wallet design I ever seen. And I am pretty much sure I won’t even think about try it. Why? Just see the picture below....


Bizarre Britain Hill Figure

A hill figure (chalk figure) is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology. It is a type of image usually designed to be seen from...


Shoes Art – In the name of ART?

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe , began his career as a painter and he wanted to widen his abilities as an artist and approach art from a brand new prospective. His quest took him...


How Transparent Toilet Works?

I have been told about the transparent toilet long time ago. Not have a chance to use it and even not know how is that working. Most time I saw on the internet is...


Amazing Collection of Grass Sculpture

We have seen sculptures made of different materials, like steel, iron, sand, stone, ice or something abnormal like wheelcap, steel line, pop can, car tire, paper. Today, I am going to present you with...


Interesting Toilet Lid Design

In this post, I will present you with some interesting toilet lid design. Some of them are functional and some of them are visually pretty. Enjoy the various world of Toilet Lid Design. 1....


Animal Wedding! Are you serious?

The pet wedding sounds cute, and I’m glad it made the owners happy, but I personally would feel uncomfortable with it. Those photos look pretty cool? But how about the marriage itself. For example,...