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15 Fresh Spring-themed Products for Your Home

Even it is still cold in my city, but the spring is lieterally coming via those shining sunlight. So are you ready for the spring, have you cleaned up your home and given it...


18 Stylish Hook and Hanger Designs

The basic function of wall hooks/hangers is to keep coats, small accessories neat and tidy when you are not using them. After doing some research, we decided to publish this awesome collection – 18...


Creative Tape Lamp: 100 Micro Cassettes is All You Need

How to make a unique lamp? The answer of Transparent House might be: Use laser cut plexiglass and one hundred translucent micro-cassettes! Tape lamp is a table lamp made of translucent and colored tapes....


18 Beautiful and Modern Mirror Designs

Mirrors are a decorative item that never gets enough fanfare. They can be used as a finish material on walls, and as a cladding on furniture. Hung over fireplaces and placed in frames, mirrors...


13 Cool Portable Fireplace for Warm Winter

Today portable fireplaces are very popular for the various advantages. They impart a trendy and stylish look and minimize the hassles of maintaining a fireplace. They can be carried from one room to another...


Optical Illusion: Pour me Some Light!

The pouring light by Yeongwoo Kim is another great Optical Illusion Design. In fact it is is a clever desk lamp designed to look like a spill frozen in time. The lamp is shaped...


18 Contemporary and Elegant Vase Designs

Flower and plant are pretty agreeable decoration which bring us the feeling of nature and beautify our home. If the flowers are put into a elegant or modern vase, it will add your home...


10 Creative and Unusual Book Inspired Design

Book has been our friend since long time ago and apparently, we are not just satisfied by reading…We can to sleep on them, sit on them, cook with them, grow plant out of them....


Cutest Hanger – Magic Bean

This has to be the cutest hanger ever! Designer Massimo Battaglia has created this little army of ambiguous acrobats to service all your hanging needs.