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All about finger: Funny Finger Art

All about finger: Funny Finger Art

When I was a child, I like to play with my finger… drew a happy/sad/mad face on the fingers and make them talk to each other…That was one of my favorite things. And now… some “finger master”, they go further and make up a story around their finger… “Dress up” their fingers and put them in different scenario, create a series of funny photos… I put some of them here:

All about finger: Funny Finger Art

soccer player (left) and freezing cold (right)

All about finger: Funny Finger Art

Sunbathing (left) and Milk bathing (right)

All about finger: Funny Finger Art

Puke(left) and Assassination(right)

To know more about the interesting art related to finger… check my previous post Hand + Painting = Animal ? target=”_blank”

Hand + Painting = Animal ?

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