Art has long been a powerful tool in architecture and interior design. Its impact in creating signature décor, meeting the functional needs of a space, and adding elegance to any home, has
made it an essential tool in every well-executed interior décor. From paintings and wall art to
photography, digital art, and graphical pieces, art has since evolved into a variety of mediums, offering a wide range of options in its application.

In interior design, art extends beyond just the decorative art pieces, playing an integral part in functional design. Art is incorporated into everyday objects in the form of sculptural furniture, ornamental light fixtures, and textural tapestry, adding magnificent form to the already existing function.

What makes art so essential in every interior design project? Here are our top 8 reasons why art is such an amazing addition to your home interiors.

1. Visual appeal

Featured Rooms – Inspiration, Eichholtz, via Pinterest

Art primarily has the ability to add to the visual appeal of your interior spaces, bringing life into any room in which it is placed. Whether modern, contemporary, minimalist or antique, finding an art piece that complements the theme and design style of your home is a sure way to instantly elevate your interior décor.

2. Focal Point

Adding art to your interiors is an excellent way to add visual anchors to your décor. Not only does it spark visual interest, but it also draws focus in the line of sight of whoever walks into the room. Place your artwork at eye level, allowing for a more intimate interaction with the piece.

Accentuate the art pieces in your home with quality art lighting to help them stand out, making them appear bold and vibrant while bringing out their textural and artistic details. For your home setting, opt for a warm color temperature light fixture in a color rendering index value of over 90 and a light output that is at least three times that of the ambient lighting. Perfect Picture Lights has a wide range of picture lights and track lighting models with dimmability and beam adjustment capabilities, which make them brilliant choices for your art lighting applications.

3. Self-Expression

Art in interior design can serve as a medium of self-expression, allowing you to add personality to your living spaces and express your individuality through your choice of artwork. Whether this means creating a customized piece or collecting pieces that speak to your personal style, art can be a reflection of your own creativity, values, and unique taste in your interior design.

4. Color Scheme Inspiration

Lipki Apartment, Behance, via Pinterest

You can derive the color palette of your home décor from your favorite artwork, borrowing the colors in your art piece and integrating them into your interior space. Center the entire décor of your room on your artwork, reflecting its color scheme on your accent pieces and interior elements for a cohesive look. Additionally, by opting for more colorful pieces, art can add a sense of vibrancy and a splash of color in spaces that may otherwise be too neutral.

5. Mood Setting

Every art piece evokes a different mood depending on its color palette, theme, and technique applied. As such, artwork can be an amazing tool for setting the ambiance of your interiors, allowing you to experience your living spaces in the desired tone and mood. Some artworks have a calming, relaxing effect that is great for cozy, intimate spaces, while others can be invigorating and mentally stimulating, making them suitable for productive spaces.

6. Memory Preservation

CASACOR Paraná 2018, CASACOR, via Pinterest

Add the emotional connection and sense of familiarity in your home by surrounding yourself with art that bears intrinsic value to you. From memorabilia to portraits and family photographs, art allows you to relive all the defining moments of your life, and preserve memories of all the people and experiences you love.

7. Unifies the Décor

Art is the crowning element that completes the décor of your home. When properly selected, art draws from the various elements, colors, and textures in your interior design, creating visual harmony and achieving a professional, coordinated look.

8. Contextualizes your home to its Surroundings

Every art piece has its own setting which may define its application. For instance, artworks of urban landscapes may not seamlessly fit into the context of a tropical home. Therefore, art can help your home interiors blend with its own surroundings, setting your home into its location. You can opt for cultural art pieces that reflect the customs of the local area, or landscape paintings that capture the scenic setting of your home.

Transform your Interior Spaces

Finding the perfect art piece for your home comes down to your personal tastes and preferences. With the above expert tips, you can seamlessly incorporate your favorite artworks into your home interior design, accentuating your pieces with quality art lighting fixtures that instantly bring them to life.

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