A newborn photography backdrop is a unique challenge for photographers, photo artists, and photography enthusiasts. It takes a different whole new environment in the photographic scene, and it is not that easy to achieve. Newborn photography requires a different dimension from the common photography ideas such as wedding, glamour, portrait, etc. This photographic endeavor requires a different focus from the subject, which is the newborn itself. The challenge in newborn photography is to identify an environment or the photographic scene and make it as the characteristics of the subject. This means that the newborn or the baby in the photo is just a variable more than the focal point of the photography.

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Points & Tips on How to Newborn Photography

  • Make the setting and photographic atmosphere holistic

    Newborn photography does not only rely on the subject, the lighting, or the photo backdrops. Though, the lighting would still play a great role because it makes visual effects that set the mood of the entire photographic scene. All photography factors, elements, and variables in the photo shoot such as the photo backdrop, light reflection, photo editing tools, lighting, camera lens, and choreographic aspects should match and blend harmoniously with each other.

  • Attain a humble and simple photographic scene

    Aside from making the variables and elements of the photo shoot blend in and match with each other, make sure that it is harmoniously soft, gentle, and innocent. This pertains to the setting that will be achieved after the photographic picture is finalized. To attain this, choose color palettes and plan your lighting effects thoroughly. Moreover, the color palettes also pertain to choosing the best kind of photo backdrop like abstract texture backdrop, props, decorations, and the brightness and saturation of the lighting.

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You can be creative in choosing the color palette, photo backdrops, and lighting effects. In newborn photography, it is easy to have a unique theme because you can choose from different patterns, prints, and decorations. To set the choreography and photo shoot setting, here are some main tips that you should follow:

  1. Make your subject or the “newborn” the center of attraction by carrying out the features of the baby. Make sure that one of the features like the eyes, lips, smile, or cheeks is situated at the center of the photo canvas.
  2. Make sure that the skin of the newborn has the most glowing or reflective effect compared to all the other items found inside the photographic scene.
  3. Choose not more than two dominating colors. Make sure that the colors perfectly match and complement the baby’s skin color or clothing.
  4. A shade of light can create depth and volume in the picture making it more attractive and interesting. You can also dim some parts of the photographic scene to make more depth and emphasize the baby’s features.
  5. Always make sure that the backdrops match the different positions and facial expressions of the baby. Furthermore, you can make it vice verse. You can depend on the background on the baby’s mood too.
  6. If you want to organize a theme, make sure that the baby’s reactions and positions abide by the theme or props used.
  7. You can choose your photo backdrops or abstract texture backdrops and create something similar to the ones at Katebackdrop AU.

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Guide to Choosing A Newborn Photography Backdrop & How to Use

  1. The backdrop is an important element in newborn photography. It defines the atmosphere and the features of the subject as mentioned in this article earlier. Choosing a backdrop for your newborn photography should clearly address the theme or color palette to avoid chaotic presentation and integration of the photographic scene.
  2. Choose a unique angle of your newborn subject. It is still substantial to make your newborn subject be considered the focal point. You can arrange the setting of the baby’s features such as the crib, accessories, and mat. All other elements can follow. You can lay the newborn in tulle fabric, and take the shot above the baby. With this, you only need to decorate one plane which is the surface underneath the baby.
  3. On another angle, you can take the shot on the baby’s facade view. You get two planes and dimension which is the floor and the backdrop. You can have similar backdrop elements with the floor and the background. This will achieve a more harmonious photo shoot atmosphere.
  4. Choose only one to two patterns or shapes of the prints. These patterns or shapes should be complementary to each other. For example, if you choose a circle, all other visual elements should be flowy, watery, and soft-edged. If you want cubes, other elements should have sharp edges too. But the best patterns for newborn photography backdrop are the softer ones to achieve a dreamy and restful photographic atmosphere.
  5. Choose only one kind of abstract texture backdrop. Make sure that the colors are synonymous or complimentary. The photo backdrop should define innocence and gentleness. If you want a rustic theme, make sure that you pair these with soft-looking flowers like daisies, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. Roses define passion, so it is not the best option for this.
  6. Make sure that the items or decors are also complimentary with each other. Avoid using more than three to four raw materials in the picture. make sure to use one dominant material type such as fabric, wood, paper, or flower.
  7. Balloon backdrops can also make balance with abstract texture backdrops to make it look more bubble, playful, and poppy. The environment achieved in this photo shoot backdrop makes an eclectic newborn photography style.
  8. The decision on which backdrop material to use for your newborn photography is all up to you. You can use fabrics, printed cloth, tulle, flowers, or nature, it must be soft, calm, and relaxing. It must look pleasant to the eyes where you can edit the lighting in misty or poppy profiles without a heavy emotion upon looking at the photo.

Beyond these things, the staple equipment and tools you need for your newborn photography should be the creative idea and the appropriation of the photo shoot atmosphere. Furthermore, a ring light, studio light, good camera lenses, and decorations are the basic substantial requirements that you need to gather to secure a well-organized newborn photography endeavor.

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