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Cutest Hanger – Magic Bean

This has to be the cutest hanger ever! Designer Massimo Battaglia has created this little army of ambiguous acrobats to service all your hanging needs.


Nature Inspire Bookshelves Design

Bookshelves Fargus by AL 28.98 is one more demonstration that the nature is the greatest inspiration for a creating an awesome furniture. These creative bookshelves remind trees and could easily add the originality to...


Furniture Transformer – Boxetti collection

Boxetti collection is one of the most fancy furniture designs I’ve ever seen. It is driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each of Boxetti modules...


10 Eco and Innovative Designs, For the Earth Sake

We got a lots of good response from last Monday’s topic “10 innovative products working without electricity“. Hence in today’s post, we will continue our “Green” exploration and present you with more Eco and...


Apartment Therapy: Small Home, Cool Spaces

We live in a crowded world, everything is expensive, especially, our home. Reality is crucial, the living expense is continuously going up these years in most place. If you can’t afford to buy a...


Flowerpot EYE: Keep You Updated About Your Plant

Apart from adding to the aesthetics, flowers brighten up your day with their pleasing fragrance and beauty. How ardently does one wish to have beautiful, healthy plants without having to care for them much?...