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8 Cool and Unusual Pencil/Pen Cases

When I was a little, the most thing I wanted during the “back-to-school” preparation is get a new pencil case. I was quite stubborn and believed, nice pencil case and a lot of pretty...


Whale Shaped Kujira Carbon Steel Knives for Small Hands

Designed by blacksmith Toru Yamashita in Japan’s Kochi-prefecture, these whale shaped knifes designed to compliment your daily desk needs with enough style to keep you dangerously well-prepared. In form of five different whales shape,...


11 Beautiful Cloud Shaped Products

When you think of cloud, what comes first in your mind? Soft? Comfy? Relaxing? or Nature? No matter what it is a kind of appealing feel. While live in a big city and work...


9 Cool and Useful Cable Organizers

We love our computers, photos and all the gadgets. They bring us a lot of enjoyment, convenience and also some trouble – the mess of cables/wires come along with them. If you have some...


6 Cool and Unusual Pencil Sharpeners

Not sure how many of you still use pencil. But if you do, you probably should take a look at today’s post talking about the best friend of pencil – pencil sharpeners. They are...


10 Cool Pen Holders and Stands

Keep your work space free of clutter. Take a look at these 10 Cool Pen Holders and Stands featured in the post, which can not only help your pens and pencils right where you’d...


Creative Officewear Made Totally by Office Supply

bubble wrapImagine walking into a meeting and seeing a man walking past you in a butt-scanned suit? Or perhaps being the head honcho in such an office and not getting the special memo?