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Beautiful Flower Crowns for Your Cat

The flower crown is today a fashionable accessory synonymous, but it’s not new: wearing leaves and flowers as a headpiece has a rich history dating back to the ancient classical world. Since antiquity, the...


The Most Beautiful Health Retreats in the World

As Self magazine notes, there’s been a “booming” trend in wellness in recent years and that trend includes a growing number of health retreats. These days it’s easy to find a wellness vacation where...


8 Beautiful Moon Inspired Products

Moon is one of the most important natural element in our life and has been connected with many stories and legends. Although in today’s life, people don’t rely on it as the light source...


Maybe the Most Beautiful Photos of Chicken

Talking about the chicken or rooster, you probably won’t connect them with the word beautiful. Based on their living condition, you might not even think they are clean and neat. However, the unusual photos...