Hanging art posters may seem like a simple thing. It can look like all you have to do is get a nail and just put them anywhere on your wall. While this seems viable, it’s not the best way to hang any piece of art. You’ll just end up with crooked frames and holes on your wall. Art is more than just a piece hanging on a wall. It is decorative, has meaning, and also carries memories.

Whether you’re hanging only a piece of art poster or a full gallery of them, you need to get it right. How you do it can make a difference. It could make the art piece so attractive that it instantly grabs the attention of anyone who sees it, or it could look like a nuisance on your wall. How you hang your art poster is art in itself. That’s why it’s important to learn how to do it. If done correctly, it can transform a generic wall into one with character and style.

Art pieces like poster prints can be hung correctly in the following ways.

1. Match your hardware to your wall type

There are different types of hardware you can utilize to hang art posters on your wall, like nails, anchors, or drill bits. Whatever hardware you use, be sure it matches your wall type. So for wooden walls, you can use nails, and for specific mortar walls, drill bits would be suitable.

If you use hardware on a wall not meant for it, it may not hold properly and the weight of the frame will cause it to fall. If you’re not careful, you may end up having so many holes in your wall. Also, if the posters fall, their frames could break, and you wouldn’t want this to happen for sure.

However, if the posters don’t have frames and you don’t mind causing a little damage to the pieces, you can use tapes, staples, or thumbtacks, depending on what suits your wall type. But if preserving the posters is your aim, consider using Velcro fasteners, magic tapes, or magnets instead.

2.Arrange the posters before hanging them on the wall

When dealing with a gallery of art posters, you need to plan their arrangement well. You need to finalize how you want them to look on your wall before hanging them. This will prevent you from moving the pieces around if you don’t like how they’re placed.

To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Arrange all the pieces on the floor or lay them out on a table.
  • Move the pieces around until you find the best arrangement for them. This gives you an idea of how the pieces will look like on your wall.
  • Lay the pieces on some wrapping paper and trace each piece to get the correct dimensions.
  • Tape the wrapping paper on the wall, put the posters in place, then remove the paper, and you’ll have the pieces just like where you want them to be.

3. Hang your art poster at eye level

Another point to consider when hanging your art poster is the correct height. Sometimes, you may make the mistake of putting your art piece too low or too high. And even when the height seems right for you, what may be appropriate for you may not be so for others. Besides, putting a small-sized art too high may fail to showcase the finer details of the piece.

Generally, the standard height to hang your art poster is at eye level. The center of the picture should be between 60 to 65 inches from the floor. This is a comfortable height for most people and therefore one you can adopt.

4. Consider how the art poster relates to everything

Another tip for hanging an art poster like a pro is considering the things around your house. As art is used for decorative purposes, you need to consider what goes where. This will also affect the height of the poster.

For instance, you can hang art posters a little lower in rooms where you’re frequently sitting down, like your dining room. However, for walkways, an art poster should be higher, at least 60 inches from the ground. When hanging a gallery of art posters, you can group them into one large picture and ensure the bottom of the gallery matches the furniture underneath it.


You can make your art posters dominate a specific room by hanging them like a pro. If you hang them the wrong way, people may struggle to view them or they’ll look like an unnecessary addition to your house. Luckily, this article gives you some pro tips you can follow to make hanging art posters as easy as a breeze.

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