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LEGO Bird: Cute Birds Made from LEGO Bricks by Thomas Poulsom

Love LEGO? Love birds? Then you probably will love the LEGO bird created by Bristol artist, Thomas Poulsom. In this interesting “LEGO bird project”, Poulsom has already built over 20 birds and his plan is to build a series of birds from each continent around the globe, as well as a few additional series including the flightless, endangered and tropical varieties.

LEGO Bird: Cute Birds Made from LEGO Bricks by Thomas Poulsom

LEGOLAND Hotel: Kids’ Dreaming Land

Playing with LEGOs is such fun, and how fun it will be to live in a real-life LEGO hotel. This LEGO-themed hotel is located at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California, and it is scheduled to open on April 5, 2013. It will feature bold and interactive decor, event spaces, buffet restaurant– and of course, a fun themed pool to give visitor an immersing experience of creative LEGO world. The 250-room hotel stands three stories high and features a large amount of colorful figures and sculptures, built completely out of LEGOs. Every room is filled with decor that will transport hotel guests into a unique and imaginary land: Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate.

LEGOLAND Hotel: Kids' Dreaming Land

LEGO Batcave: Batman’s Headquarter Build from over 20,000 LEGO parts

This amazing LEGO Batcave was created by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey, was made from over 20,000 bricks, took more than 800 hours to build over a 12 week period and weighs a whopping 100 pounds. Carlyle and Wayne said “The features of this build include the Cave itself with what we think is the most “cave-ish” cave ever constructed. Added to that we have an operating turntable for the Batmobile, a moving costume/weapons selection wall and the BatPlane Lift. Surrounding all of this is the remarkable lighting effects that bring our BatCave to life.” Take a look at pictures below, this is ridiculously cool! Incredible details and wonderful lighting effects.

Check out Carlyle’s photo set on Flickr for lots more pictures, including work-in-progress pics that show how the builders put the Batcave together. [source]

LEGO Batcave: Batman's Headquarter Build from over 20,000 LEGO parts

LEGO Japan: 1.8 Million LEGO Map of Future Japan Build Up by Children

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of LEGO blocks being introduced in Japan, the Danish company organized a cross-country workshop called “Build Up Japan” in which over 5,000 children created their visions of future Japanese buildings. The assembled pieces were all brought to Tokyo and assembled as a giant white map. Rather than recreating existing landmarks, the adorable children were encouraged to use their imaginations to create what they wanted Japan to look like. The results look pretty remarkable. In total, 1.8 millions LEGO blocks were used and a stunning metropolis was born. [source]

LEGO Japan: 1.8 Million LEGO Map of Future Japan Build Up by Children

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