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20 Cute Animal Towel Sculpture

While a lot of crafters enjoy using their towels to create interesting objects, it seems it’s also part of the hotel and travel culture, as a growing number of hotels and cruises have towel...


Amazing Art Work of Bone Carving

Bone carving is the act of creating art forms by carving into animal bones. It can result in the ornamentation of a bone, or the creation of a figure. A lot of bones can...


Play with Paper Cartoon Character?

There 12 interesting photos in this post are made by some genius Cartoon fans. They drew the cartoon character on paper, cut them out and then put them in different scenes…. It is so...


Amazing Wooden Clothing

In this post, I will present you with 11 pieces of wooden clothing, accessories made my some Carpenter Masters. Those masters love wood so much that try to make those daily items also in...


Amazing Straw Art from China

Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalk of a cereal plant, after the grain or seed has been removed. In times gone by, it was regarded as a useful by-product of the harvest,...


Paper Talk – Amazing Paper Craft

Paper models, also called card models or paper craft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper or card stock. The normal paper craft is a card modeling as the making of scale...


Recycled Art – Spoke Flower

Thanks Mike for bringing me this wonderful Spoke Flower Design, which are made out of used bicycle spokes and nipples. Once used as its intended form on a bicycle wheel and removed, they are...


Simply Amazing Origami Art

What’s this? A female praying mantis sits on a leaf? In fact, it is a piece of Origami Art from Sipho Mabona, taking him 20 hours of solid folding.


Simple but Beautiful! Rotating Paper Art

I came across to those photos when I search paper craft on Internet, and totally amazed by those simple, colorful paper art. It seems really simple, only using some colorful paper, adding together. I...


Interesting Robot Pouch Collection

Robot pouch – It’s a pouch, in the shape of a robot. The owner of the this website has been making robot pouches for a number of year. All the pouches on the website...